ERP Digital Intelligence (DI) Wired


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are often critical for providing process visibility, control, predictability, and regulatory compliance. However, as organizations grow, the traditional ERP system alone is challenged to withstand the changing and expanding business processes and needs, resulting in increasing needs for customizations and bolt-on custom applications.

Digital transformations intended to simplify and automate ERP business processes often become extremely complex over time. With a need for tighter integration across the operations value chain, we have designed an innovative process orchestration glue that simplifies technology complexity. We have built a microfluid ERP suite empowered by Infosys’ live enterprise and Appian’s dynamic capabilities that can wire process mining, case management, robotics, service integrations, and AI/ML to supercharge ERP platforms.

The traditional challenges faced by existing ERPs include complex workflows, lots of manual tracking & heavy reliance on emails.  ERP DI Wired helps you in process reimagining and has local automation using AI enabled Appian as the core transformation engine. This is the platform which can be your base board for innovation across your value chain within the organization driving business change agility, enhancing user experience, providing you the much-required lightweight ERP which can smoothen your ERP upgrades in the future. It also helps you with continuous improvement of your processes.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Transparent Process View – We use Celonis to visualize your as-is processes and create the future roadmap.
  • Touchless Processing – We use advance OCR capabilities of Appian for touchless processing of paper-based documents, such as invoices.
  • Integrated View for Single Source of Truth – Appian will integrate with ERP, OMS and other systems to consolidate data and provide the view at a single-point, no need to hop around systems.
  • Intelligent Decisioning – From reactive to proactive to predictive decisioning reducing human intervention and improving process accuracy, reducing running cost and throughput time.

We augment Celonis with Appian for Digital invoice processing which is the automatic handling (receive, capture, match and process) of financial documents in a digital format.

  • Scan Invoices. Scan and recognize all types of invoices, for example, PDF and XML using advanced OCR software tool, i.e., Infosys Automated Text Extraction (ATE) for paper invoices.
  • Automatic 3-way match. Conduct 3-way verification between the invoice details, PO details & proof of delivery details for any potential mismatch. The interface makes it easy to track and correct mismatches and enables approvers to rectify the same.
  • Auto Approval. Auto approve invoices which falls below a set threshold limit without any manual intervention in case there is no mismatch in previous step.