Excel Tools

Provides the following smart services, functions and servlets for handling data in Excel.  An example usage application for Export SQL to Flat File is also included.

Smart Services included are:

  • Export SQL data to Excel
  • Export CDT data to Excel
  • Export Portal Report to Excel
  • Export SQL data to CSV
  • Parse Excel to CDT
  • Merge Excel Documents
  • Export Process Metrics to Excel
  • Export Process Model Details to Excel
  • Import CSV to Database  

Functions included are:

  • Read Excel File
  • Get Datasubset
  • Read Excel Cell by Name
  • Read Excel Cell by Number
  • Query Appian Logs
  • Export Datasubset to Base64

Servets included are:

  • Report To Excel
  • Export Data Subset to Excel From Process
  • Hello sylvain.furt. I am using this plugin to export report data into an Excel document. I got an error in Appian that said: Details:  The following error was raised by the Export to Excel function: Invalid Content ID. Do you know what it might be?

  • Hi Erick,

    I would suggest posting a question in Discussions https://community.appian.com/discussions/ about this behavior.  Your question will get the most visibility there!

  • I've entered a question in the discussion forums.  But I'll ask it here  as well.  I cannot make this plugin work.  I have gone through all of the current discussions, and provided stack traces.  We've turned on debugging and examined the source to see where it may have a problem.

    Is there any help to be had, or do we seek some other way of achieving our goals?