Excel Tools

Provides the following custom smart services and functions for handling data in Excel.  An example usage application for Export SQL to Flat File is also included.

Smart Services included are:

  • Export SQL data to Excel
  • Export SQL data to CSV
  • Merge Excel Documents
  • Import CSV to Database
  • Import Excel to Database
  • Load CSV to Database
  • Convert HTML to CSV  
  • Convert Excel to CSV

Functions included are:

  • Read Excel File
  • Read Excel Cell by Name
  • Read Excel Cell by Number
  • Query Appian Logs
  • Export Datasubset to Base64


NOTE: When deploying this plug-in, please delete all old versions of the ExportableDataSubset CDT AND update your model to point to the new version {urn:com:appian:ps:excel:types}ExportableDataSubset

  • Hello sylvain.furt. I am using this plugin to export report data into an Excel document. I got an error in Appian that said: Details:  The following error was raised by the Export to Excel function: Invalid Content ID. Do you know what it might be?

  • Hi Erick,

    I would suggest posting a question in Discussions https://community.appian.com/discussions/ about this behavior.  Your question will get the most visibility there!

  • I've entered a question in the discussion forums.  But I'll ask it here  as well.  I cannot make this plugin work.  I have gone through all of the current discussions, and provided stack traces.  We've turned on debugging and examined the source to see where it may have a problem.

    Is there any help to be had, or do we seek some other way of achieving our goals?

  • Hi , was Mike Cichy's answer to your discussion post helpful?

  • Hi Ben,  not particularly.  Having set the logging level to debug, I can see that the the plugin fails as soon as it enters the main try block of the run method.

    We could be looking at a flawed installation (this is a new system)

  • *Version 1.9.6 - 1May18

    - Allow csv import to have spaces in column headers

    - Added smart service to convert html to csv (useful for old xls files which are actually html tables)

  • Hey, thanks for the great plug-in! Is there anyway you can update the documentation? Either updating the readme.pdf or provide a URL with the latest documentation would be great, particularly for the Parse Excel to CDT smart service.

  • *Version 1.9.7 - 8May18

    - Fix bug with blank date fields failing to parse (Parse Excel File To CDT)

    - Fix bug with blank template failing (Export SQL to Excel)

  • *Version 1.9.11 - 15May18

    - Adding UTF-8 support

    *Version 1.9.10 - 13May18

    - Speeding up Export CDT to Excel

    *Version 1.9.9 - 12May18

    - Removing uniqueness constraint for backwards compatibility

    *Version 1.9.8 - 9May18

    - Fix bug with blank rows in Parse Excel File to CDT

  • Hi  ,  updated the readme.pdf with this version of the Excel Tools plug-in. The download file now includes the updated documentation!

  • Hi,

    I am using "Export SQL to Excel" smart  service to export the data but getting the  error as " The following error was raised by the Export to Excel function: Row 0 has been flushed, cannot evaluate all cells".

    I am getting this error when i tried to export more than 100 rows.Can you please check on this?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • We have index application where users will download the exceptions into excel and upload it back to appian.We are using "Parse Excel to CDT" plugin to read the excel content into CDT object. However "Parse Excel to CDT" plugin is failing when the excel file uploaded has empty rows at the end. We have upgraded the excel tools plugin to v1.9.11 as i can see from the release notes that the issue is fixed but still we are having the same issue. Can you  please help on this

    10:30:31,227 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Work Item - 219162 - ProcessExec00 : UnattendedJavaActivityRequest) 2018-05-23 10:30:31,227 [Appian Work Item - 219162 - ProcessExec00 : UnattendedJavaActivityRequest] ERROR com.appiancorp.ps.exceltools.smartservice.ParseExcelFileToCDT -

    10:30:31,228 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Work Item - 219162 - ProcessExec00 : UnattendedJavaActivityRequest) java.lang.NullPointerException

    10:30:31,228 INFO  [stdout] (Appian Work Item - 219162 - ProcessExec00 : UnattendedJavaActivityRequest)        at com.appiancorp.ps.exceltools.smartservice.ParseExcelFileToCDT.run(ParseExcelFileToCDT.java:155)

  • *Version 1.9.11 - 29May18

    - Re-released as a fix was not transferred into the previous release

  • and a new version of the plug-in was just released.  Please try downloading as it includes a fix that may help!