Excel Utility


Looking for a way to copy the sheet of your Excel workbook into a new Excel workbook or finding it hard to combine multiple Excel files into a single workbook with all sheets combined to one file directly in Appian? Then here you have the Excel Utility plug-in that brings you two helpful smart services.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Copy Excel Sheet - copy sheets of one workbook to another workbook
  • Combine Excel Sheet - combine multiple Excel files into a single file containing sheets of all the combined files.
  • Read Excel Sheet- The Excel document to read sheet with different filter functions(Number of rows, Sheet results with Null or without Null). Note: Only .xlsx files are supported

Note: Requires a valid Aspose Cells for Java license. Use the link https://purchase.aspose.com/temporary-license to get a temporary license. The complete license can be bought after testing the functionality. Check out the KB article for Aspose Plug-ins FAQ.

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