Excel Utility


Looking for a way to copy the sheet of your Excel workbook into a new Excel workbook or finding it hard to combine multiple Excel files into a single workbook with all sheets combined to one file directly in Appian? Then here you have the Excel Utility plug-in that brings you two helpful smart services.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Copy Excel Sheet - copy sheets of one workbook to another workbook
  • Combine Excel Sheet - combine multiple Excel files into a single file containing sheets of all the combined files.
  • Read Excel Sheet- The Excel document to read sheet with different filter functions(Number of rows, Sheet results with Null or without Null). Note: Only .xlsx files are supported

Note: Requires a valid Aspose Cells for Java license. Use the link https://purchase.aspose.com/temporary-license to get a temporary license. The complete license can be bought after testing the functionality. Check out the KB article for Aspose Plug-ins FAQ.

  • Received an error when installing. We already have Excel Tools, and received this error when installing this plugin: 

    WARN  com.appiancorp.type.config.plugin.PojoDatatypesConfig - The data type [uuid={urn:com:appian:ps:excel:types}ExportableDataSubset] in plug-in [key=com.appiancorp.ps.exceltools, module=ExportableDataSubset] was not imported because it or another data type in the plug-in module was already present on the system with a different structure, but the version of the plug-in that provided the existing data type could not be determined. If you intend to change the structure of this data type you must first delete the data type from the system and deploy this plug-in again. If the problem persists, check that all data type precedents of the data type are declared in the same plug-in module or are listed before this data type in the appian-plug.xml. If you did not intend to change the structure of this data type, this message can be safely ignored as it is a false positive in the structure comparison mechanism. Please submit the plug-in and accompanying log messages to Appian Support for further analysis. (APNX-1-4165-003)

  • Hi ,

    I believe you are facing this issue in the Excel Tools plugin. This issue clearly mentions the issue that happens on deploying the Data Type from the plugin. This Excel Utility plugin doesn't have any Data Type associated with the plugin.


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