Expression Utils


Provides rules for commonly needed functionality in Appian expressions. A building block for other applications.

Expression Utils is part of the Appian App Accelerators (A3) suite.

Rules for URL Construction

  • A3_EU_getSiteBaseUrl: Construct URLs to the current server.
  • A3_EU_getEmbeddableContentUrl: Convert URLs for common content sources to their embeddable version for use in WebContentField. Currently supported source are Google Drive & YouTube.

Rules for Data Manipulation

  • A3_EU_uniqueValues: Return only the unique values from 2 lists.
  • A3_EU_getItemsFromListByKey: Find an item within a list. Locate the item by checking for a specific value in a specific field.
  • A3_EU_createMapFromLists: Create a Map from a list of keys and a list of values.
  • A3_EU_safeDivide: Perform a simple numeric division. Avoid divide-by-zero and other errors. Don't worry about casting inputs, that's handled for you.