FitNesse for Appian


FitNesse for Appian is a client-side tool that makes it easy to create automated tests on the Appian platform. Create test scripts that will run Appian as if a user was clicking through the application and filling out data. FitNesse for Appian includes easy instructions to get you started.

Note: Java 11 required for plugin version 23.4

Key Features & Functionality

With FitNesse for Appian, you can:

  • Write easy-to-read wiki language tests for Appian applications
  • Speed up testing times
  • Set up reusable regression tests

Reusable scripts can be written to:

  • Create new packages
  • Move them to different stages in the workflow
  • Check that forms are being populated correctly
Parents Comment Children
  • Sir, Please fouce on configuration of fitnesse also.
    Please mention prerequisite with version so that what type of we are getting error that can be resolved easily.
    Why do you not reply. we are facing issue since a long time.

    If your team are not responsible please let us know where do we need to connect. Regards