FitNesse for Appian

FitNesse for Appian is a client-side tool that makes it easy to create automated tests on the Appian platform. Create test scripts that will run Appian as if a user was clicking through the application and filling out data. FitNesse for Appian includes easy instructions to get you started.

With FitNesse for Appian, you can:

  • Write easy-to-read wiki language tests for Appian applications
  • Speed up testing times
  • Set up reusable regression tests

Reusable scripts can be written to:

  • Create new packages
  • Move them to different stages in the workflow
  • Check that forms are being populated correctly

The tool also features multiple browser support for Chrome and Firefox.

See the Appian Playbook for further documentation:

Note on Appian Versions:

A new version of this utility is released for each Appian release to maintain backwards compatibility and support new functionality.

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