Framework Tools

When building an application with the intent for re-use, you often want the ability to make it easy for the developers using your components. These rules and smart services make it easier to create a good experience for those developers by allow you to query for rules and constants, decouple your code from your callers, and even create rules and constants.

Smart Services

  • Add Objects to Application: Given an application and UUIDs, adds objects to an application
  • Create Constant: Creates a constant
  • Create Rule: Creates a rule


  • fn!areGroupsInApp: Given an application and a set of groups, returns an array of boolean indicating whether the groups are in the app
  • fn!evaluateConstantByName: Given a constant's name, returns its value
  • fn!getRuleReference: Given a rule's name, returns a reference to that rule for future evaluation
  • fn!queryContent: Search for rules and constants