GenAI Tool - Data Generator


The GenAI Tool: Data Generator Connected System allows developers to generate sample data of an inputted Record Type with generative AI. This tool generates data that adheres to the structures of 1:1, 1:N, and N:1 relationships by generating the relational data alongside the primary data. This data is primarily for the use of demonstrating the functionality of an application with life-like data that fits into a custom database design.

Developers can generate sample records through Appian with this connected system by entering the credentials retrieved from either OpenAI or Azure OpenAI Studio. This documentation outlines the process of obtaining and leveraging these credentials within the Appian platform. The documentation also gives a step by step tutorial on how to set up the Sample App which can be downloaded from the Appian AppMarket with the connected system for this tool.

Key Features & Functionality

  1. Generate sample data for each field of a specified Record Type
  2. Builds data for 1:1, 1:N, and N:1 Record Type relationships