GenAI Tool - Entity Extractor


The GenAI Tool: Entity Extractor Connected System allows developers to perform entity extraction from a text or an Appian document. Once the user provides which entities they would like to retrieve from the text or document, this connected system will leverage OpenAI or Azure OpenAI to process the text and retrieve all occurrences of the specified entities.

In the context of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analysis, entities are typically nouns that have a distinct, well-defined meaning and can be easily categorized. They often represent real-world objects, such as people, locations, organizations, dates, products, etc.

Note: This AI Tool can utilize external LLMs such as OpenAI and Azure OpenAI. As with all plug-ins, data sent to these external organizations is subject to the external organization's security policies, procedures, and pricing. Please check with your administrator and your organization's AI policy before sending any sensitive information to external services.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Extract Entities from a text or document