Google Maps Component


Google Maps Component Plugin provides support for displaying interactive maps, directions, and markers in a SAIL interface.


Key Features & Functionality
  • fn!googleMapsDisplayField
    • Displays a map centered on a specific latitude and longitude, with an optional pre-set list of custom markers. When a user clicks on a marker, the metadata is returned via a SaveInto.
    • Optionally allows the user to pan, use street view, and zoom.
  • fn!googleMapsDirectionsField
    • Displays map directions between 2 or more points.
    • It can automatically sort the waypoints to calculate the optimal route between the origin and destination. When the directions are computed, step-by-step directions, trip distance, and time are returned via a SaveInto.
    • Optionally displays current traffic conditions as an overlay, and exposes route options such as avoiding highways, ferries, or tolls. Also able to display custom markers.
  • fn!googleMapsPinField
    • Displays a map where a user can drop and reposition a marker.
    • When no marker is selected a default map center position can be set and used.