Gradient Image Generator

This plugin provides an Expression Function called linearGradientImage() for generating simple, linear gradient PNG images based on the colors, distribution ratios, and dimensions you specify. The genesis for this plugin was to provide gradient color backgrounds for a Billboard Layout component’s backgroundMedia value. A companion Appian Application is distributed with the plugin (when downloaded from the App Market page) that includes Expression Rules and Interfaces for easy configuration of Billboard Layouts using this plugin, along with detailed documentation. Note that this companion application requires the Color Picker Component plugin, also available on the App Market.

Key Functionality and Features
  • Generate gradient images on-the-fly
  • Specify any number of colors and their position in the gradient
  • Choose orientation (horizontal, vertical) as well as image dimensions
  • Plugin uses image caching in Appian's document management system to ensure top performance
  • Companion Appian application contains extra Expression Rules and a Site with gradient and billboard designers to assist with color design