Highcharts Component

This component plug-in provides several kinds of charts for data representation using Highcharts.  

  • Pyramid Chart: A pyramid graph is a chart in the shape of a triangle or pyramid. These charts are best used when your data is organized in some kind of hierarchical way. The levels indicate some kind of progressive order, like:
    • More “important” to least important. For example, CEOs and managers at the top and temporary workers on the bottom level
    • Older to newer. For example, great-great-grandparents at the top of the pyramid and great-great-grandchildren at the bottom
    • Specific to least specific. For example, expert fields at the top and more general fields at the bottom
    • Least to most: fewest items at the top and greatest at the bottom
  • Web Chart: This chart is best used when we are comparing the data between multiple groups. For example: When we have to see the quarterly analysis of each year between 5 to 6 years. This chart can be used
  • Solid Gauge Chart: This chart is used in places where we can show the exact value of usage. This is highly used in places where we have to show the speed, usage of network and temperature or volume, etc
  • Activity Gauge Chart: Activity Gauge chart helps us to see the combined data of different aspects of work and how much progress we have in each department on hovering over each section of the circle. For example, when using it in a company we can use an activity gauge chart to see the activity happening in the finance, HR and Marketing team which helps in providing an overview of how the operations are going on
  • Bullet Graph: Bullet Graph resembles a thermometer where we can focus on single target and calculate its performance based on the hue of the color displayed in the chart. This can be used effectively where we have a target set and see how we are progressing with the target