IBM 3270 Workflow Library for Appian RPA


Robotic processes can involve entering data into a PCOMM or W3270 emulator for IBM terminal applications. This workflow library can be used to allow the RPA agent to navigate these applications and enter data, removing manual entry by employees from the business process.

Key Features & Functionality

  • IBM Connect to Emulator
  • IBM Disconnect from Emulator
  • IBM Maximize Window
  • IBM Enter Credential
  • IBM Find Text
  • IBM Get Text
  • IBM Get Field at Coordinates
  • IBM Go to Text Position (with Offset)
  • IBM Go to Coordinates
  • IBM Send Special Control Key
  • IBM Write Here
  • IBM Write at Coordinates
  • IBM Write at Label (with Offset)
  • IBM Wait for text
  • IBM Write at Label (with Offset)


  • Additional documentation for each method is included in the attached PDF
  • This workflow library was developed and tested using QWS3720 ( emulator
  • The library as-is might work with other emulators that support EHLLAPI, but changes might also be needed.