Identity Verification System


When onboarding a client/customer to an organization, it is mandatory to verify their identity. The Identity Verification Application is a generic application that can be used in any industry to verify customer identity. This application enables two levels of verification for Identity and Address. Each request will be assigned to a Relationship Manager, ensuring the traceability of each request and its status. The Relationship Manager performs the Identity verification process using Document extraction.

The Audit Verifier will conduct a Video/In-person appointment for Address Verification and generate the KYC report. A report will be generated and sent to the customer based on the verification details. Scheduling and rescheduling the appointment for the Customer and Audit Verifier can be easily managed through this application.

Key Features & Functionality

Customer Onboarding through Portal:

  1. Customer logs in to the portal using Email & OTP Verification.
  2. Customer submits personal details, identity information, and preferred appointment date.

Level 1 Verification: Identity Verification

  1. A Relationship manager accepts the requests and performs Identity verification through Intelligent Document Processing.
  2. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) extracts the Name and DOB from the Identity Proof Document submitted by the Customer and verifies them with the Name and DOB provided in the onboarding form.
  3. If the data matches, Level 1 Verification is considered successful.
  4. If the data doesn't match, a report with the verification details is sent to the Customer.

Level 2 Verification: Address Verification

  1. Once the Relationship manager approves Identity verification, the request is forwarded to the Audit Verifier.
  2. Based on the appointment mode chosen by the Customer, the Audit Verifier schedules a meeting (Zoom Video meeting/In-person meeting) with the customer.
  3. Through Zoom integration, the calendar will be blocked for the scheduled time.

Report Generation using Template

  1. Once the Appointment is completed, the Audit Verifier updates the status.
  2. A report will be generated and sent to the Relationship Manager with the Verification Status.
  3. Upon the Relationship Manager's approval, the report will be sent to the customer through email.

Rescheduling Portal for Customer

  1. Once the audit verifier schedules the meeting, a mail will be sent with the reschedule link.
  2. The Customer or Audit Verifier can reschedule the appointment up to 3 times.

Benefits & Business Impact

  1. Traceability
    1. The requests are tracked end to end, and the status are updated appropriately.
  2. Time efficiency
    1. Identity Verification is done using Data Extraction which reduces time for verification.
  3. Reduce Human Errors
    1. Since Identity Verification is done using Intelligent Document Processing. The data entry done by human is not involved and hence it reduces the human errors.