Image Annotation Component

Image annotation can be used in a variety of use cases such as:

  • Image approval workflow. Highlighting the area that requires attention/ review.
  • Capable to annotate building/home/office maps to give the identity of every area and asset in this area.
  • It helps in image classification, entity/asset recognition, and intent detection, which can be useful for different domains like Health Care, Real State/ Building Construction.
  • The output of object detection (bounding boxes) by Google cloud vision or Amazon object detection can be passed as input to the plugin to display the output visually.
  • It is useful in showing/filtering the data on the basis of the selection of the particular region over the map.
  • Many other use cases.

This Component Plug-in comes with the following components:

  • Image Annotation Field - This component allows annotating an image (png, jpeg) by drawing rectangle, circle or eclipse to give the identity to the different areas. The annotated area to be clickable sending the selected shape identity back to Appian. In Appian, based on the id of the selected shape, follow up action can be done.
    • Image source can be any public URL or Appian Document.
    • Note - You must get the "Download Document Connected System Plugin" installed in order to use the Appian document as an image source.
  • SVG Image Map Field - This component displays the SVG map image where it gives the ability to select/identify any particular area on the map with different animation support like hover and focus. It takes MAP as input in SVG form and returns the selected area from the map.