Intelligent Budgeting Framework

Budgeting is often a lengthy, tiring and demanding process for organizations. As the digital economy demands more than just traditional spreadsheets, the current market expectations from E-budgeting software solutions is considerably high. Finance professionals are under constant pressure to provide accurate forecasts which requires effective planning to seamlessly connect the entire organization. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions should align across the enterprise so that organizations can develop agile forecasts for all lines of business and respond faster and more effectively to change.

Appcino's Intelligent Budgeting Framework (IBF) is an enterprise-wide budgeting platform focusing on making the forecasting process more agile, dynamic & intelligent with the help of the following key features.

  • Configuration to set you up on Day 1
    • Import, integrate or simply set up the relevant budget parameters (Departments, Categories, GL Accounts, Users, Actuals etc) to kick start your planning process
    • Configure a dynamic planning cycle for each department, user role or project to get the planning and forecasting spot on
  • Tailored planning for each budget category
    • Configure the data capture requirements for each GL Account, which provides the capability to capture exactly what is needed for various budget categories under CAPEX, OPEX, Revenue or HR
    • Example categories are specialized workforce planning, travel expenses, subscriptions, events and public relations
  • What-If Analysis, Re-forecasting and Scenarios
    • What-If analysis gives relevant stakeholders the capability to execute and analyze the overall impact of certain changes and visualize the impact at run time
    • All scenario executions are versioned for Finance to evert back to any scenario and finalize one of them as the budget
  • Power of Data and Analytics
    • CXO, Department Heads, Project Managers or the Finance team can view historical information in a format they can quickly understand quickly to predict the right future and help ensure similar mistakes of the past are not repeated
    • A dynamic report framework provides the ability to generate a workbook of the entire budget - including cash balance sheet, abstract and other budget reports by department or categories
  • Future ready
    • Integrates with AWS to predict budget and assist the key stakeholders with predictions
    • The data structure is created in a way to seamlessly integrate with your core systems to have one source of truth

Key business impacts:

  • Improved organization efficiency & productivity
  • Significant reduction in total turnaround time for the budget planning process
  • Improved financial and strategic decision making by real time financial facts and forecasts
  • Improved budget accuracy by collaboration, predictive forecasts and a powerful what-if calculation engine
  • Collaboration and alignment between all key stakeholders towards the organization's budget