iTrust OIG Audit

The US Federal Government spends more than 4.5 trillion dollars every year. To reduce waste and fraud, and to provide oversight on this spending, the federal government has established 78 different Office of Inspector Generals (OIGs). According to, the OIGs audit hundreds of federal programs every year, with the potential savings of up to 55 billion dollars and 6000+ recommendations. OIGs follow similar process to collect, triage, conduct and oversee their audit and inspection programs. These OIGs can leverage iTrust OIG Audit solution to streamline their work, gain efficiencies and enhance their audit activities.

iTrust OIG Audit uses Appian’s proven mobile-ready, dynamic process and case management, record security, document management as well as reporting and dashboard capabilities. Built on Appian’s secure FedRAMP platform, iTrust brings transparency and ease of accessibility while accelerating OIG’s mission. iTrust also provides a secure place for auditors and auditees to collaborate on agency-specific audit areas. Because iTrust OIG Audit is custom built for the US Federal OIGs, it already covers most of the OIG use cases, provides much greater business value and faster time to market at a significantly less price as compared to any custom application in the federal ecosystem. iTrust OIG Audit solution is a fully packaged Appian application, which can be seamlessly deployed to any of Appian’s existing or new customers in a matter of hours. Its highly flexible and customizable design allows various OIGs to tailor workflows, security model, reference data as well as look and feel without writing a single line of code.

Key Features:

  • Risk Managers can effectively identify their respective agency risks and manage effective risk mitigation strategy. They can review, track, and manage their risk portfolio and leverage it for their proactive Audit planning and reporting activities. This provides greater transparency to the risk managers and provide timely guidance to the leadership.
  • The Audit Managers can easily create and track Audits and related activities. They can link correct various risks and controls to an Audit and can manage Audit security and workflows and assign available Audit resources in a most optimal fashion. This brings consistency and efficiency to all of agency’s Audits, as well as facilitates effective communication amongst Audit teams.
  • The Auditors can leverage intuitive, user-focused dashboards to easily track and complete various audit activities, as well as manage audit documents and artifacts. They can plan their audit activities based on your milestones and events, and effectively create and cross-link various work papers with other audit artifacts. This ensures timely completion of various audit activities, provide effective notification and communication to all Auditees, and securely manage and share audit artifacts.
  • The Audit Administrators can create, update and manage various Audit related workflows and configurations. These workflows can include Audit phases, workflows, as well as Issue and Recommendation lifecycle. They can also configure who can take which Audit action and configure workflow level security. This allows them to continuously optimize and secure their Audit workflows and meeting their evolving business processes.
  • The Auditees can review and provide timely responses to questions and queries from the Audit team. They can also manage their internal team resources and the related security. This ensures timely and accurate responses to questions and artifact requests from the Audit team to help complete the audit in a timely fashion.