JIRA Connected System


With the JIRA Connected System, you can easily create different integrations and access various functionalities directly in Appian.

Key Features & Functionality

Get All Issue Metadata - To return details of projects, issue types within projects, and, when requested, the create screen fields for each issue type for the user.
Get Issue Detail - To return the details for an issue.
Get Edit Issue Metadata - To return the edit screen fields for an issue that are visible to and editable by the user.
Get Change Logs - To return a paginated list of all changelogs for an issue sorted by date, starting from the oldest.
Get Transitions - To return either all transitions or a transition that can be performed by the user on an issue, based on the issue's status.
Get Comments - To return all comments for an issue.
Get Comment by Id - To return a comment.
Get License Information - To return licensing information about the Jira instance.
Get Events - To return all issue events.
Get Issue watcher - To return the watchers for an issue.
Get Priorities - To return the list of all issue priorities.
Get Issue Worklog - To return work logs for an issue, starting from the oldest work log or from the work log started on or after a date and time.