Mastercom Connected System


MasterCom Dispute Resolution can help issuers, acquirers, and processors:

  • Reduce formal chargeback volumes, losses, and associated back-office costs
  • Lessen costly chargeback cycles and processing time by pre-empting disputes from advancing to chargebacks
  • Shorten resolution time frames, potentially solving disputes in hours or days instead of weeks or months
  • Improve the experience for all parties involved in the dispute
  • Reduce costs from third-party service providers

Key Features & Functionality

Supports the following features:

  • Create Case Filing
  • Get Documentation of a Case Filing
  • Update Case Filing
  • Get status of a Case Filing
  • Get status of a Case Filing Image
  • Get claim ID of a case filing
  • Get Merchant Details
  • Get possible value list of a ChargeBacks
  • Create Chargebacks
  • Create Reversal ChargeBacks
  • Get documentation of a ChargeBacks
  • Update ChargeBacks
  • Get status of a ChargeBacks
  • Get status of a ChargeBacks Image
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