Microsoft PowerBI Connected System

Leverage PowerBI in Appian! Create and easily embed coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights and enterprise-grade, real-time analytics.  The two PowerBI plug-ins on the AppMarket deliver both a Connected System to easily access some of the most commonly used APIs, as well as Components to PowerBI’s embedded Dashboards, Tiles, Reports, Report Builder and QnA component.

Download package contains 3 versions:

  • Microsoft PowerBI (Auth Code) which uses OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code to authenticate users. It passes the 'User Owns Data' access token for all embedded graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerBI (Password Grant) which uses OAuth 2.0 Password Grant to authenticate users. Microsoft permissions are not honored in this case. So once authenticated with a specific user role (admin for example), then all embedded reports inherit that user's permissions.
  • Microsoft PowerBI (App Owns Data) which uses the Client ID, Power BI Subscription ID and a Client secret Authorization Code to authenticate the App. It passes the 'App Owns Data' access token for all embedded graphs.

Note: These plug-ins are deployed separately. You can use one of the Connected System plug-in by itself, but if you want to use the Component plug-in, the Connected System must be deployed and configured.

The download package also contains an Appian application that serves as a demo example for how to use these components together in Appian. It requires that the Connected System (Auth Code) plug-in and Component plug-in are deployed already. The application comes with a setup guide as well.

Functionality provided:

  • GetAllGroups
    • Returns all PowerBI user groups the current user is a part of in their PowerBI organization
  • GetDatasetsInGroup
    • Returns all datasets in a PowerBI group
  • GetAllTilesFromDashboard
    • Returns all tiles in a Dashboard
  • GetReportsInGroup
    • Returns all reports in a PowerBI group
  • GetDashboardsInGroup
    • Returns all dashboards in a PowerBI group


  • A Microsoft PowerBI subscription or trial