MongoDB Connected System


The benefits of using this plug-in versus MongoDB’s REST API include:

  • Most common MongoDB operations are provided as low-code Integration objects, making it very easy to quickly integrate Appian and MongoDB
  • Uses connection pooling to reduce authentication time per operation
  • Uses the MongoDB Wire Protocol with BSON instead of HTTP/REST with JSON for more efficient communication
  • Automatically handles the conversion of MongoDB BSON Documents to Appian Dictionaries, or alternatively provides MongoDB-created JSON representation
  • Can import from and export to Appian Documents containing JSON
  • Configured using a single Connection String, which is masked and encrypted

Key Features & Functionality

Provides the following Integration Operations:

READ Integration Operations:

  • List Databases
  • List Collections
  • Collection Find
  • Collection Count
  • Collection Aggregate

WRITE Integration Operations:

  • Collection Find to JSON File
  • Collection Aggregate to JSON File
  • Create Collection
  • Create Index in Collection
  • Insert Many in Collection
  • Insert One in Collection
  • Update Many in Collection
  • Update One in Collection
  • Replace One in Collection
  • Delete Many in Collection
  • Delete One in Collection
  • Drop Collection

Provides a set of Expression Functions for easily generating MongoDB Query Expression JSON without creating rules or concatenating strings.