MS Graph Utilities


MS Graph Utilities provides features to integrate with the Microsoft Graph API that cannot be achieved using an Appian Integration Object.

Key Features & Functionality

Connected Systems

  • OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials
    • Used to get access to the Graph API without a user via Application Permissions. See here for more details.
  • OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code
    • Used to get access to the Graph API on behalf of a user via Delegated Permissions. See here for more details.


Large File Upload

  • This plug-in provides 2 Integrations for large file upload via the Graph API, one for each type of Connected System. Each Large File Upload Integration provides the same functionality, but uses different authorization methods
  • Enables large files to be uploaded via the Graph API. Files are uploaded in chunks of roughly 5MB. The standard Graph REST API for uploading a file is limited to files of up to 4MB.
  • For files under 4MB, it is recommended to use an HTTP Integration object to upload the file rather than using this plug-in.

On success, this Integration returns the following data in the Result object:

  • id (Text) - the Drive Item Id for the uploaded document.
  • eTag (Text) - the eTag for the uploaded document.
  • name (Text) - the file name (including extension) of the uploaded document (which may differ from the Appian document's filename, e.g. when using Conflict Behavior "Rename").
  • webUrl (Text) - the webUrl for the uploaded document.

See accompanying readme PDF document for more details and design considerations