Notary Seal Tool


A Notary Seal used for digitally signing a document involves a digital representation of an official notary seal or stamp, applied electronically to authenticate the document's authenticity and validate its content. This digital seal serves a similar purpose to a physical notary seal by confirming the integrity and origin of the document in a digital format, ensuring its legal validity and providing assurance of its authenticity.

Prerequisites: A valid SSL client certificate with all the policies in place.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Digitally sign PDF documents utilizing SSL certificates.
  • Ability to detect and reject expired or invalid SSL certificates.
  • Verify digital signatures using Adobe software.
  • Configuration options to transmit SSL certificates as part of the document within the plugin.
  • Capability to set up signature stamps for multiple fields simultaneously using signature field property names.
  • Capability to include visual signature stamps containing signer name, configurable reason, and current date