OneDrive Connected System


OneDrive Connected System uses a portion of the Microsoft Graph API which allows your app to connect to content stored in OneDrive. The REST API is shared between OneDrive to allow your app the flexibility to read and store content in these locations.

Key Features & Functionality
Users can access this for a few services (listed below) directly from an Appian interface.
  • Send File: Send a file from Appian to user's root OneDrive account
  • Create Folder: Create a folder in user's root OneDrive account
  • List Files in Users Root Drive: List files and folder with metadata at top directly under user's root drive
  • Download Files: Download files from users root drive and store it in Appian (4MB limit)
  • List Available Drive: List available drives of user
  • List Items in Folder with Item Id: List items in subfolders of user's root OneDrive account