PDF Annotation Component

PDF Annotators are the most widely used tool especially for PDF files. Unlike other file formats, a PDF file is not easily editable and hence requires few annotations in order to make the content clear. How nice would it be if we have a component that would help us with PDF annotations directly in Appian. Well, here it is, the PDF Annotation component that brings along plenty of features to upload, annotate and download the desired PDF document.


  • Upload, Annotate and Download PDF files directly in Appian.
  • Allows us to add new text and highlight the existing text.
  • Allows us to add Sticky notes and draw shapes.
  • Additional features like enabling form filing and auto save.
How to Use
The component can be directly used in Appian by providing the necessary inputs. A client id associated with the project created with your Adobe account is required for this component. Enable all the necessary features provided by the component by enabling the inputs.
Use Cases
  • Easily highlight important points or words of interest in a PDF book.
  • Add comments to any important PDF files that needs additional information.
  • Add shapes and texts wherever required that will make the PDF document more explainable.


  • Need to create Web APIs in Appian for upload and download documents.
  • Need to create an Adobe account in the console of PDF embed API ("https://www.adobe.io/apis/documentcloud/dcsdk/pdf-embed.html")
  • The Dynamic URL of the environment must be provided while creating the project in Adobe. Only the environments whose dynamic url is added in the project will be able to use the component plug-in.

Please note that this component has to be used along with the PDF Annotation Connected System.