PDF Tools

Contains multiple Smart Services and Functions for interacting with PDF Documents.

Smart Services:

  • Merge PDF - Merges multiple PDF documents into a single document.
  • Extract PDF Pages - Extracts a range of pages from an existing PDF into a new PDF.
  • Fill PDF - Populates the fields of a PDF Form and optionally flattens it disallow further changes.
  • Create PDF Content - Allows text to be added to a PDF with control over the style, position, and angle. An existing PDF can be updated or a new one created from scratch.
  • Convert PDF to Image - Creates an array of images or a multi-page tiff from a PDF.
  • Compress PDF - Compresses the images in the PDF to make it smaller.
  • Un-protect and Copy PDF - Using the document password, create an un-protected copy of a protected PDF.
  • Convert Image to PDF - Creates a PDF starting from one or many images. It also supports multi-page tiff images.


  • Get PDF Metadata - Retrieves metadata on the PDF: page count, title, author, security, encryption, etc.
  • Get PDF Text - Retrieves the text content from a PDF.
  • Get PDF Form Fields - Retrieves the populated form field values of an unflattened PDF.
  • Get PDF Signature Fields - Retrieves the populated signature field values of an unflattened PDF.
  • Get PDF Bookmarks - Retrieves the raw list of bookmarks in the PDF.

  • Hello, i've just tried to upgrade to the version 2.3.2 and i've got this message :

    2022-01-27 12:32:53,879 [Timer-4] INFO com.appiancorp.cache.DatabaseAuxiliaryCache - Removing expired entries from db cache: uiState-auxiliary
    2022-01-27 12:52:22,376 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] INFO com.appiancorp.plugins.osgi.LoggingPluginFactoryDecorator - Plug-in Artifact 'pdf-tools-2.3.2.jar' SHA256 hash is b2805268f0cb9ee3be3b3f294a0e7b661b7736ddfc26185d2effe7860d10b1ff
    2022-01-27 12:52:29,455 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] INFO com.appiancorp.plugins.LoggingPluginEventListener - Successfully un-installed Plug-in 'PDF Tools' (pdftools) version 2.3.1.
    2022-01-27 12:52:29,458 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] INFO com.appiancorp.plugins.loaders.UnloadingDirectoryPluginLoader - Removed plugin pdftools
    2022-01-27 12:52:30,254 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] WARN com.appiancorp.type.config.plugin.PojoDatatypesConfig - The data type [uuid={http://types.appiancorp.com/ps}PdfBookmark] in plug-in [key=pdftools, module=PdfBookmark] was not imported because it or another data type in the plug-in module was already present on the system with a different structure, but the version of the plug-in that provided the existing data type could not be determined. If you intend to change the structure of this data type you must first delete the data type from the system and deploy this plug-in again. If the problem persists, check that all data type precedents of the data type are declared in the same plug-in module or are listed before this data type in the appian-plug.xml. If you did not intend to change the structure of this data type, this message can be safely ignored as it is a false positive in the structure comparison mechanism. Please submit the plug-in and accompanying log messages to Appian Support for further analysis. (APNX-1-4165-003)
    2022-01-27 12:52:31,295 [Appian Plugin Hot Deploy] INFO com.appiancorp.plugins.osgi.AppianOsgiPlugin - Successfully installed Plug-in 'PDF Tools' (pdftools) version 2.3.2.

    How should i fix it ?


  • v2.3.2 Release Notes
    • Resolved issues with appian-plugin.xml - Extract PDF Attachments is now correctly referenced.

  • v2.3.1 Release Notes
    Fixed a Null Pointer Exception that caused an expression evaluation error in the Get PDF Signature Fields function when a PDF did not contain any digital signatures.

  • v2.3.0 Release Notes
    Added a new smart service to extract attachments embedded in the PDF file. Community contribution from Rob Turverey - thanks Rob!

  • v2.2.15 Release Notes
    • Added null handling to prevent nullpointerexception when calling getpdfbookmarks on certain PDFs
  • v2.2.14 Release Notes
    • Added Get PDF Signature Fields function to retrieve the populated signature fields of an unflattened PDF.

  • Convert PDF to Image has a bug where it fails to convert pdfs to jpegs. 

  • Hello,

    download not possible: (Chrome inkognito browser)

    {"resource":"\/suite\/rest\/a\/content\/latest\/isBCLGOdlMUpdGVqW3KCvlJ3bZ6d_hLmtPbXFIlLc4DByT0PqjU_6GpmS8W\/o","error":"APNX-1-4187-000","message":"Authentication failed. Please check your credentials and try again.","title":"An Error Has Occurred"}
  • I can´t download this, tell me that I don´t have credentials