Poll Email from Microsoft Exchange EWS API

This plug-in provides an alternative to sending emails to an Appian process model when inbound email integration is requested. Instead of the email being forwarded to Appian, this plug-in reads the emails directly from the Exchange mailbox using the EWS web services API.

Deployment Instructions

  • Deploy the plug-in through the admin console of your Appian Cloud site or by copying the plug-in zip file to the plug-ins folder
  • Download the component from the AppMarket. The zip file "EWS Mail Poller applications.zip" contains the Appian applications and the admin console settings needed to use the plug-in
  • Deploy the application that corresponds to your database. This will create the necessary tables in the database
  • Deploy and configure the admin console settings using the properties customization file

Alternatively, the credentials store required by the plug-in can be created manually. It requires the following attributes:

  • username: email identifier of the mailbox to poll. This is the part of the email address coming before the '@' character
  • password: password to access the mailbox
  • proxyUsername: username of the proxy account
  • proxyPassword: password of the proxy account

Smart service "EWS Mail Poller To DB":

  • Reads the mailbox using the EWS web service API
  • Convert the email to an EWM file stored as an Appian document
  • Store all email attachments as Appian documents
  • Store all email metadata (subject, author, recipients, etc...) into a set of tables in the database

To use this plug-in:

  • Create a process model to invoke the plugin on a schedule basis like every few minutes
  • Configure a Secure Credential Store with the following attributes
  • Configure the smart service plugin with the required inputs including the name of the Secured Credential Store created above

By default, the emails successfully processed are moved to the folder Deleted Items and the emails that cannot be processed are moved to the folder Junk E-mails.