Poll Email from Microsoft Exchange EWS API

This plug-in provides an alternative to sending emails to an Appian process model when inbound email integration is requested. Instead of the email being forwarded to Appian, this plug-in reads the emails directly from the Exchange mailbox using the EWS web services API.

Smart service "EWS Mail Poller To DB":

  • Reads the mailbox using the EWS web service API
  • Convert the email to an EWM file stored as an Appian document
  • Store all email attachments as Appian documents
  • Store all email metadata (subject, author, recipients, etc...) into a set of tables in the database

To use this plugin:

  • Create a process model to invoke the plugin on a scheduled basis
  • Configure a Secure Credential Store with the following attributes
    • username: email identifier of the mailbox to poll. This is the part of the email address coming before the '@' character
    • password: password to access the mailbox
    • proxyUsername: username of the proxy account
    • proxyPassword: password of the proxy account
  • Configure the smart service plugin with the required inputs including the name of the Secured Credential Store created above