Procurement 360

 2023 AppMarket Solution Awards Winner - Cross-Industry Value
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Procurement 360 revolutionizes the procurement landscape by offering an unparalleled and comprehensive procurement experience. With P360, your organization will witness a remarkable transformation in the way purchasing requests, quotes, orders, and invoices are handled. By seamlessly integrating data points from multiple processes and existing systems, Procurement360 provides a unified view that eliminates barriers, ensuring accelerated processes and effortless adoption.
P360 is not just feature-rich, but also agile and scalable, making it the ideal solution to tackle any business challenges in procurement functions. Powered by the cutting-edge Appian platform, it leverages the latest technology advancements to deliver exceptional performance.

On this unified platform, managing suppliers, purchase requests, purchase orders, RFPs, budget governance, contracts management, invoice processing, delivery checks, warehouse/receipts, and payments becomes an effortless task. By consolidating all these critical functions into a single platform, it streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and optimizes the procurement process for your organization.

Key business problems in procurement systems:

  • Lack of integration between various procurement processes, for example, missing integration with enterprise budget.
  • No unified view of key procurement data points disrupts transparency and increases corruption.
  • Lacking the capability to meet the needs of implementing specific procurement controls and dynamic approvals driven by complex organization hierarchy.
  • Lack of vendor risk assessment and performance analysis.
  • Inaccurate and segregated data in multiple systems, blocking visibility needed to make well-informed decisions on procurement functions.
  • Lots of manual and paper-based processes leading to a longer procurement cycle.
  • Stubborn procurement systems that are difficult to enhance, configure, replace and scale.

Key Features & Functionality

  1. Supplier and Contract Management with dedicated Supplier Portal
    1. Define and execute supplier onboarding journey, system notifications and audit history, perform risk assessment, supplier ranking, etc.
    2. Create and sign digital contracts with native Appian Signature component or integrate with e-signature providers like DocuSign.
    3. Enable suppliers to complete key tasks, upload invoices, check payment status, submit RFQ responses and more through the portal.
  2.  Create Purchase Requests with multiple product/services and dynamic approvals.
  3. Request for Quotations
    1. Initiate RFQ from approved purchase requests, invite suppliers and capture their responses.
    2. Compare supplier responses based on ownership cost, perform evaluations and finally, reward supplier with dynamic approval workflow.
  4. Purchase Orders
    1. Create Purchase Orders for Suppliers with configurable key payment terms and milestones.
    2. Track and ensure relevant controls for each PO with budget governance.
  5. Intelligent Invoice Processing – Leverage the power of Appian’s IDP to extract data from invoices and automatically push them to the relevant processing queue.
  6. Tailor it to work the way you want - easily set up organization users, configure dynamic approval workflows, define budget, etc.

Benefits & Business Impact

In the nutshell Procurement 360 ensure an end-to-end transparent procurement process

  • Bringing people, data & processes together to remove silos, providing a unified & integrated platform to operate in.
  • Applying right controls on business spending's enabling the needed governance & compliance.
  • Without replacing your core systems, Xebia Procurement 360 can seamlessly integrate with them to orchestrate & automate the key procurement functions. At the same time, it can also act as an end-to-end independent Procurement System.
  • Making sure you stay within your budget by establishing exception processes for budget control.
  • Enabling transparency, reduces bureaucracy, driving financial & operational efficiency.
  • Dedicated supplier portal streamlining communication resulting in better business relations.
  • Significant reduction in total turnaround time for the budget planning process.
  • Collaboration and alignment between all key stakeholders towards the organization's budget
  • Increase accuracy of decisions with right analytics & power of unified data.

A feature-rich, agile, scalable & integratable Procurement Management Solution on the future-ready Appian platform solves your business problems of today & gets you ready for the future.

Customer References:

Xebia's Procurement 360 helped us to have more control of our procurement processes and implement the complex approval workflow scenarios and to engage our supplier in the workflow through the supplier portal. It has bought complete transparency to the overall process and significantly increased the overall operational efficiency."
- Mohammed Altammi - Digital Transformation Manager, Inmatech

"By using Xebia’s Procurement 360, we were able to unify the complex processes into a single workflow, which allowed Musandah clients to create requests directly in the system or using mobile applications. This has significantly reduced cost and time for Musanadah."
- Nauman Ashraf - Finance Director, Musanadah

 2021 Solution Success Award Winner
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