Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


The launch of Financial Products is long, highly manual and often undocumented. Stakeholders from across teams and countries are involved, meaning the process can easily become blocked.

Strict regulations and regulation changes add further complexity. Data is additionally a key challenge, often spread around many existing systems and processes. Data Fabric now means that all sources can easily be seen or consumed from one place inside PLM.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Efficient and transparent Product lifecycle orchestration, by tracking stakeholders, revealing bottlenecks and driving success.
  • Product characteristic tracking that includes Asset Class, Domicile, and Legal Structure.
  • Integration with in-house product design tools and templates.
  • Advanced auditing, rich reporting and smart search to easily and swiftly identify all business interests.
  • Advanced task process workflows, ensuring complex approval and sign-off is agreed at all stages of the lifecycle, streamlining business processes.
  • A range of account types with varying levels of access, permissions and security, including secure access for third parties.

Benefits & Business Impact

A data backed and workflow orchestrated Product Lifecycle Management solution that:

  • Ensures Stakeholders have a centralized view of a Product at all lifecycle stages, consisting of all success necessary information, along with visibility across the teams and highlighting dependencies and blockers.
  • Transforms traditionally organised and non-centralised document management to a single comprehensive golden source of documents with intuitive search capabilities.
  • Provides a rigid framework for product governance across all stages of the lifecycle for liquid and alternative Asset Managers.
  • Creates an in depth audit trail ensuring regulatory compliance is achieved across multiple businesses and geographies.
  • Generates analytics to enable effective data driven business management, from a Product level to an organisation level, and tracks results against custom SLAs.
  • Can be seamlessly adapted to your business needs and processes.