Quantexa Case Manager


Investigations into complex, potentially fraudulent payment transactions are fraught with challenges.

These challenges include:

  • How to best manage time-consuming investigative efforts from multiple data streams, suspicious or not suspicious indicators.
  • Leveraging scoring to determine level of potential threat.
  • Presenting findings in a concise format with recommendations as to steps needed to mitigate best outcomes.

In the past, analysts struggled to review complex payment transactions within multiple data streams while painstakingly searching for possible fraud or other suspicious activities.

Key Features & Functionality

Our Quantexa Case Management (QCM) solution helps minimize time previously spent on weighty workloads.

We make reviewing these data streams less time-consuming. Searches are conducted more efficiently. You view them as a single source. Risk scores can be populated. False positives can be eliminated. Cases can be allocated or reassigned. You and your teams obtain results faster, freeing you to make decisions on how to leverage the most effective paths and achieve efficient analytics, including custom start and end dates.

A three-way solution combining Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) platform, Appian Case Management Studio (CMS) technology, in partnership with NextWave’s application and services, we help companies to unify data, to make better decisions, and to achieve more efficient overall case management.

Features include:

  • Full life-cycle management through Level 1 Triage, Level 2 Investigation, Level 3 Escalation
  • Event description and score provided by Quantexa’sDI platform that minimizes of time spent on interpreting data, freeing analysts to focus on important investigations
  • Textual descriptions of the reasons the event was raised, including mitigating circumstances, recommended action, and narrative
  • Prioritization of events and cases by risk score
  • Flexible re-assignment and ability to raise queries without leaving the application
  • SLA management definable by severity, tracked in real-time and provided near-SLA breach warnings
  • Case details captured such as underlying accounts, policies, cash flows, addresses, connected persons
  • Hibernate or postpone investigations at a later datewhen they automatically reopen
  • Full audit trail of what actions were taken when by anyone interacting with the case

Benefits & Business Impact

Our better together partnership offering provides speedy access to streamlined, accurate data, enabling you and your organization to focus on the risky few rather than the trivial many and reducing operational costs.

Our solution offers decision acceleration capabilities you can trust for your case management requirements.

We enable individual users and teams to customize filters for efficient workflows and achieve better allocation of all cases.

  • Cloud hosted providing high performance user experience and globally accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Responsive and intuitive user experience minimising training requirements and maximising productivity
  • Connect with other data sources to enrich the cases
  • Call other services for automating items such as SAR / STR reporting gateways