Requirements Management


When government organizations aren’t able to accurately plan, purchase, track, and deploy the resources they need to accomplish their missions, they risk wasting billions of dollars on delayed acquisitions. Missions and lives are jeopardized by the delayed delivery of critical goods and services. With Appian, government agencies can quickly configure the Requirements Management Solution (RMS) to address their specific needs, rather than relying on inefficient emails, shared drives, and spreadsheets.

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Key Features & Functionality

  • Wizard Driven Input Requirement
  • Program Office and Contracting Office Dashboards / Workbench
  • Centralized Requirement Record
  • Document management
  • Office 365 integration for online editing and collaboration
  • Template library with auto-population of acquisition templates
  • Configurable checklist functionality
  • Full audit history
  • Document review process
  • Document review templates per document type
  • Completion Reports - Workload Reports
  • Correspondence Management
  • Auto-filing of documents
  • Data collection compliant with PRDS
  • Edit Due Dates & Completion Reports
  • Requirement Review Process

Benefits & Business Impact

Requirements Management improves how contracting and program teams collaborate when defining, reviewing, and finalizing procurement requirements and acquisition strategies. The solution increases the value and timeliness of government purchases with high quality requirements packages.