Appian's Robotic Workforce Management Solution

Appian’s Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) is a solution built using the standard Appian platform capabilities and is designed  to be a one stop shop for Automations across a range of technologies and tools. . The solution empowers customers to plan and collaborate on multi-step automations, as well as monitor and manage complex automations in production through powerful reports. These automations can be reviewed by multiple teams, and incorporate numerous technical systems, as well as technologies that include multiple RPA vendors, AI capabilities, and Appian human-in-the-loop business processes.  

The business value of Robotic Workforce Manager:

  • Align Human and Digital Workforce
  • Empower Business Users to Employ Digital Workers and other technologies
  • Identify Automation Opportunities and Measure the Impact of Automation
  • Connect RPA to Greater Business Processes
  • Plan automations that incorporate numerous technologies
  • Integrate automation tools with human activities
  • Provide governance and control over the digital workers

The Robotic Workforce Manager: Robotic Workforce Manager transforms your Automation usage through the following capabilities: 

    • Reports and dashboards for robot activity monitoring
    • On-demand start and schedule RPA processes from Web or Mobile
    • Monitor RPA and business process logs for better compliance and governance
    • Track and resolve exceptions through a case management system, including system alerts, RPA bot exceptions, and business exceptions from human activities
    • Automation onboarding and lifecycle management
    • From request, to value analysis, to finally releasing multi-step automations using a range of technologies into production
    • RPA COE management and best practices - Impact analysis for automations changes

The screenshots below provide examples of the capabilities and use cases of the Digital Workforce Manager.