SAIL Events Field


Enterprise applications often rely on legacy or complex data sources that struggle to provide real-time responses. By blocking the loading of an interface while waiting for these slow sources, the user experience is degraded. This component allows your interfaces to load immediately with data that's available already and receive push updates once the slow to request data is available. This allows the user to start working with the data they have immediately without being blocked by the slowest data source.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Push events to interfaces that are waiting for them (see documentation for implementation consideration)
  • To add consistency to the user experience where unreliable data sources are involved. Such as slow APIs or database queries.
  • A call center where a specific integration is known to block the interface loading, but the rest of the interface can load now while it waits.
  • A user submitting a request that won't return immediately, but will return reasonably swiftly (within 60 seconds). Such as requesting a document to be generated.
  • Refresh a stale cache in the background.
  • For anyone experiencing this, v1.1.1 of the 'SAIL Events Servlet' plug-in adds support for SQL Server. Thank you for testing  

  • Thank you for the functionality. We think it can be very useful! However, we are facing some problems trying to use it.

    We have an on premise installation with SQL Server and as soon as we run any SAIL with the saileventfield, we have the following error in tomcat stdout:

    2023-11-17 07:48:26,504 [pool-241-thread-1] ERROR com.appiancs.plugins.sailevents.SAILEventsServlet - Error while retrieving event context keys Incorrect syntax near 'LIMIT'. at at at

    Is it working on SQL serveR?

  • The is an Appian Component plug-in (deploy it the same way as regular .jar based plug-ins). There is not example Appian application (yet), however take a look at the documentation for basic SAIL usage examples

  • Hi Team, Getting the following Error while deploying the zip.

    HTTP Code: 500 APNX-1-4198-000 Error Evaluating UI Expression Expression evaluation error [evaluation ID = d1178:4c2ed] : [valid:false,syntaxError:false,value:Expression evaluation error: An error occurred while executing a save: Expression evaluation error at function a!packageTypeFunction [line 4]: ]