Sales ConneXions

Sales ConneXions enables companies to grow their business by managing their contacts base effectively and engage with them through multiple channels.  The application acts as the central hub for automation, including lead, contact, account, and deal management.  Sales ConneXions system records interactions between your business, prospects, and existing customers. It organizes, tracks, and nurtures leads thus helping in the collection of all possible information about customers and prospects in a central tool. Sales team members can stay organized, make informed decisions, prioritize communications and connect with their prospects and customers at the right time.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Enables the sales team operating across different regions in an organization to easily create lead, contacts, accounts and deals in the system.
  • Ability to bulk upload sales entities (leads, contacts, accounts and deals) through excel templates.
  • Access to easy shortcuts on the home screen to help the sales user communicate with a lead or contact and maintain the record for all sales entities.
  • Ability to perform auto profile synchronization that populates basic information about a person and company from different internet sources.
  • Ability to set up a diary for any planned actions. The dairies act as reminders to complete sales activity tasks on time.
  • Easily communicate via email and SMS channels directly from the system.
  • Send a calendar appointment to the recipient to add a meeting to their calendar.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of customer interactions across all territories in the organization
  • Allows the sales team to differentiate the progress of their prospects with the different stages.
  • Administrative action to easily allow application owners to create territories to manage region specific sales, manage lookup values and configure the custom pipelines for opportunities
  • Reports:
    • Deal status report provides a summary view of deals across stages, across regions at any point in time and perform the easy and quick movement of deals across stages.
    • Deal status report also highlights the statistical data with the total number of deals in each stage.
    • Deal value report gives a summary of the deal in a different region and accounts with currency.
    • Statistical report gives the total count of leads/contacts/deals/account created by the user for each current year across different territories.