SAP SuccessFactors Utility


The Groundswell SAP SuccessFactors Utility gives designers a variety of tools and examples to jumpstart an integration with SAP Success Factors for any HCM use cases. The application provides quick start objects to demonstrate basic CRUD actions plus examples of enriched dashboards and synched records. This utility can be easily expanded to handle dozens of HCM use cases supported by the dozens of SAP SuccessFactors endpoints, all powered by Appian!

Key Features & Functionality

  • Basic search via integration OR synched record
  • Interactive Integration Wizard guides designers through a series of integrations allow the creation of a SAP record and synching back to Appian
  • Synched record data source helper and record sync expressions
  • Helper integrations for CRUD
  • Helper expressions for integration result processing, body formatting, timestamp correction, and more
  • Uses OOTB Connected System and Integration objects, based on REST/OData, and extensible for any SAP SF API needs