ServiceNow Connected System


Integrate your case management systems with ServiceNow’s ITSM for seamless incident management across your organization.

With the ServiceNow ITSM connected system, you can read, write, and query incidents in your ServiceNow ITSM instance from Appian, even when using custom fields in your ServiceNow application. Easily save your incident data as a service-backed record and make them part of your application’s data fabric.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Create Incident- Creates a new incident in the incident table of ServiceNow
  • Delete Incident - Deletes an incident in the incident table of ServiceNow
  • Get Incident Fields - Returns metadata of the fields available in the incident table
  • Read Incident - Returns incident data with incident number as input
  • Get Incidents in Batches - Lists all the incidents in batches
  • Data Source Integration - Create a record based off of the incident data to connect ITSM to the Appian data fabric
  • Sync Integration - After updates are captured in a webhook, use this integration to sync new changes made to incidents to your Appian Record