SFTP Smart Services


Contains multiple Smart Services for interacting with a remote file server via SFTP, FTP, or SCP.  Using these services, an Appian application can be configured to send and receive files, folders, and metadata in a process.  Features support for zlib compression.

Key Features & Functionality

Smart Services included:

  • SFTP:
    • Remove Directory Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Send File Over SFTP
    • Send File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Receive File Over SFTP
    • Receive File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Rename File Over SFTP
    • Get Remote Directory Contents Over SFTP
    • Get Remote Directory Contents Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Create Directory Over SFTP
    • Create Directory Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
  • SCP:
    • Send File Over SCP
    • Receive File Over SCP
  • FTP:
    • Send File Over FTP
    • Receive File Over FTP
    • Receive Folder Over FTP
  • FTPS
    • Receive Folder Over FTPS
    • Send File Over FTPS (Basic Credentials)

All smart services in the package use Secure Credentials Store.

  • We are testing a new connection with a customer FTPS with the plugin SFTP Functions Plugin V 3.0.3. 

    For this purpose, we have tested first the connection in WinSCP, with successful result, and without any private connection or restriction in this way. We are outside the customer network. Then, we are using the smart service '(FTP) Get Remote Folder Contents', using Third-party Credentials in the admin console with the same credentials we have used previously in WinSCP, but we obtain the following error:

    ERROR com.appiancorp.ps.plugins.filetransfer.ftps.GetRemoteFolderContentsOverFTPS - org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPConnectionClosedException: Connection closed without indication.

    These are the details provided about ftp:

    * The control port (the port that we are using from Appian to call FTP) is 21021

    * The transfer data ports are between 30,000 and 31,000

    We have tested the 'Get Remote Folder Contents' smart service with FTP, FTPS and SFTP (even though we know it should be FTPS).

    We have tested these 3 options without any certificate, and also with the Trusted Server Certificate uploaded in the Admin Console.

    We have tested the connection with Appian Support team, and they were able to successfully telnet, so it´s not a communication problem.

    With this information. Could you see if there could be a problem from the plugin side. May be the ports that FTP is using, we don't know what else to test to find out the cause of the error, so your help could be really useful.

  • Sorry, the correct transfer data ports are between 30,000 and 30,100

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