SFTP Smart Services


Contains multiple Smart Services for interacting with a remote file server via SFTP, FTP, or SCP.  Using these services, an Appian application can be configured to send and receive files, folders, and metadata in a process.  Features support for zlib compression.

Key Features & Functionality

Smart Services included:

  • SFTP:
    • Remove Directory Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Send File Over SFTP
    • Send File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Receive File Over SFTP
    • Receive File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Rename File Over SFTP
    • Get Remote Directory Contents Over SFTP
    • Get Remote Directory Contents Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
    • Create Directory Over SFTP
    • Create Directory Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)
  • SCP:
    • Send File Over SCP
    • Receive File Over SCP
  • FTP:
    • Send File Over FTP
    • Receive File Over FTP
    • Receive Folder Over FTP
  • FTPS
    • Receive Folder Over FTPS
    • Send File Over FTPS (Basic Credentials)

All smart services in the package use Secure Credentials Store.

  • Hi,

    Plugin version used : 3.0.2

    Appian environment : Cloud

    We've been using this plugin for a while but with an older smart node "Send File Over SFTP (Basic Credentials)" which is Deprecated now.
    I was trying to use the newer smart node "Send File Over SFTP".

    I've set up a "Third-party credentials" config in the Appian Admin. Configured with fields "username" and "password" only.

    Smart node is configured as such :

    - File Transfer Configuration : = 'type!{plugins.ps.appiancorp.com/.../}FT_Config'(
    serverHostName: cons!hostname,
    serverPort: cons!port,
    scsExternalSystemKey: "sftpConfig", /* this is the third party credentials name*/
    usePerUserCredentials: false

    - Remote file path : ="/directory"

    - Document to send : =testdocument.pdf

    I've tried running a process instance using the old deprecated smart node and the newer one. Bot hare using the same connexion parameters.

    The old smart node is in SUCCESS status, the newer one is FAILED with this error in the tomcat-stdout log file :

    2024-01-17 14:47:00,271 [Appian Work Item - 209342 - WorkID 41 - execution00 - process 117073 - model 11936 : UnattendedJavaActivityRequest] ERROR com.appiancorp.ps.plugins.filetransfer.sftp.SendFileOverSFTP - 24: 

    Just to make sure, I changed the "username" value in the third-party credentials configuration, and I got an "Auth failed" error which seems to indicate my Third-Party Credentials is configured correctly. Maybe missing some other parameter ? 

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Sébastien J.

  • Hi Sébastien,

    I think you may need to update the Remote file path to include the filename as well. 

    Below are the parameters which I have setup for using the "(SFTP) Send File" smart service and was successfully able to send the file over. 

    File Transfer Configurations: 'type!{plugins.ps.appiancorp.com/.../}FT_Config'(
       serverHostName: "xyz-abc.au",
       serverPort: 22,
       scsExternalSystemKey: "thirdparty-cred-sftp-key",
       usePerUserCredentials: false(),
       privateKeyFile: "private-key-doc"

    Remote File Path (type: text): "/home/xyz/testDoc.csv"

    Document to Send (type: document): "testDoc"

    I hope after updating the remote file path the smart service works for you. 

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you Ankit.

    It seems to work fine now.

    As the previous version of the smart node only needed the remote path, I didn't think to include the file name.



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