Slack Connected System (Vuram)


Use Appian to add the members of your organization to the SLACK groups with just a single click. Appian can easily build integrations using this connected system and use them to create a channel, add a new member to it or even post a comment to the channel and much more.

Download package contains:

  • Slack connected system which uses the Bot token to authenticate the App. Like other systems, this token is for the entire application and not specific to any one user.
  • Documentation for how to setup the connected system and get the bot token from Slack.

Key Features & Functionality

Functionality provided:

  1. Post message to channel, group, mpim, im and user
  2. Lists all users in a Slack team
  3. Gets information about a user
  4. Fetches a conversation's history of messages and events
  5. Retrieve a thread of messages posted to a conversation
  6. Initiates a public or private channel-based conversation
  7. Invites users to a channel
  8. Retrieve users in a channel
  9. Uploads file to channels
  10. Deletes a file from all the channels
  11. Download a Slack file to Appian 
  12. Lists all channel, group, mpim and im in a Slack team
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