SQL to Excel

Example Use Cases:

  1. Generating Dynamic Budget Reports using multiple database tables using SQL to Excel Smart Service.
  2. Import Financial Budget of the Organization right from the Excel Sheet in a Single Step.
  3. Use Predefined Excel templates to apply styling on the generated sheet.

Features & Functionality:

  • Ability to Export SQL Data in a predefined template for dynamic reports
  • Import Excel Data in CDT
  • Excel Change Sheet Order
  • Delete Excel Sheet
  • Multiple templates can be associated with multiple worksheets of a single workbook.
  • Hi Team,

    When using the SQL to Excel Smart Service and exporting data, all the date time fields are converted to date fields.

    We need to use DATE_FORMAT function in sql to keep date time as is. This is not the case with earlier Export SQL to Excel Smart Service in Excel Tools.

  • Hi Team,

    I have used SQL to Excel Smart Service and am facing an issue with the same. 

    One of my database fields has "=> First point, => Second point" as value and when I try to export, I am facing the below error,

    "Parse error near char 0 '>' in specified formula '> First point, => Second point'. Expected cell ref or constant literal"

    Could you fix the error in the plugin!!?

    Thanks in Advance!!!