Subrogation Claims Management System

This application provides a flexible system for companies to handle subrogation portfolios, maximize recovery opportunities and accrue the greatest cost savings over time.  The system treats each subrogation claim as a unique case, following it through the process and concludes with a satisfactory resolution.  It provides access to professional subrogation staff to allow them to handle multiple files and documents related to a case.   

Potential Benefits:

  • Help identify recovery opportunities and rate the likelihood of success.
  • Improve the subrogation management process and tracks the workload of subrogation specialists.
  • Reduce the number of clerical tasks, handle multiple documents evidence easily and create demand letters seamlessly.
  • Enhance the bottom line via focused and timely subrogation, streamline and manage workload with recent file tracking, follow-up reminders, alerts, diary, integrated document management.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Ability of the system to handle both property and automobile subrogation claims.
  • Minors as intake agents can create a new client to the system and add any number of claims linked with the client.
  • Bulk claim intake option is available to create multiple claims in single shot and representatives to handle the claims can be also defined.
  • Ability of the system to allow the users to update client and claim details and manage documents related to it.
  • Ability of the system to maintain and integrate claim and client records.
  • Subrogation officer review to assess the claims and settle them by handling documents and communication with the recipient via email and SMS
  • Ability of the system to allow the user to set reminders in the form of diaries and get notified about the end date.
  • Manage all the payment related information for the policyholder and tortfeasor in a single view.
  • Create a system generated demand letter PDF format and send it across email to the tortfeasor about the amount.
  • Audit log will have details on all the actions made during the claim settlement process.
  • Ability to reduce redundant administrative effort and improve data quality with consistent communication and claim assessment processes.
  • Provides the ability of users across the platform to create clients, claims and define the tortfeasor.
  • Report generated helps the subrogation company to track the status of claims, settlement and, the performance of officers.
  • Graphical view of the status report based on settled or subrogation needed. The claim intake report also gives the insight on claims added to different clients across the months.
  • Performance report shows the time taken to resolve the claim from the date of initiation, on the basis of average days to close.