Symphony Messaging Component


Securely communicate across your organization’s preferred channels with encrypted, auditable messaging.

Please see: Symphony Connected System.

The use of non-compliant messaging platforms has led enterprises to face billions in regulatory fines. Symphony helps enable auditable, compliance-enabling messaging with clients. With seamless federation across prominent messaging and voice networks, Symphony delivers fast, compliance-enabled communication with clients within their preferred channels. As an industry leader, Symphony helps over a thousand financial institutions facilitate encrypted and compliant communication between clients while simultaneously eliminating internal communication silos.

Key Features & Functionality

Symphony’s Embedded Collaboration Platform allows users to embed their Symphony communications within Appian’s comprehensive process automation platform. Use this component to create financial communication workflows that are efficient, secure, and auditable. With instantaneous messaging to Symphony chats/channels, notifications, and a themeable interface, Appian’s embedded Symphony component is the preferred way to communicate within your financial markets workflows.

If you are not currently a Symphony user, please submit the request form found here. A Symphony representative will get in touch to discuss.