Text Classification using Machine Learning

Text Classification allows you to take as an input a set of text, like an article, and classify it to a defined set of categories, like "Medical Articles", "Business Articles", and "Technology Articles". This application will help you train on a preloaded dataset or on your own one leveraging Google AutoML Natural Language capabilities (https://cloud.google.com/natural-language/automl/docs/beginners-guide).

Machine Learning can solve many other problems like Vision, OCR, Audio, general prediction. This particular app focuses on the Text Classification problem.

Potential Business Use Cases:

  • Email triage: Is this email about technical support, opening an account or something else?
  • Map a resume to job openings: Given this LinkedIn Profile, should this person apply for Services, Sales or Engineering?
  • Severity of case management
  • Routing customer communications to the right department

Requires the following Connected System plug-ins: