Twilio Communication

Quickly add voice capabilities or chat capabilities to your existing applications used to service your customers. Provide them with another way to reach you and have the ability to track the interactions with their customer data.

Good use cases:

  • HR servicing
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Student Engagement
  • Healthcare claims processing

Key Functionality and Features:

  • Channel Capabilities for Voice, Chat, SMS
  • Availability controls to allow users to make themselves
  • Click to answer and Auto-answer options Interaction
  • Timer Hold/Mute Blind Transfer for Voice and Chat
  • Voice Warm Transfer
  • Conference Call
  • Ability to place a call
  • Record a voice call
  • Post interaction wrap up
  • Ability to populate the number to call from an Appian record
  • Necessary data save outs to do a screen pop of data