User Outreach

This utility can be used whenever IT/developers/product owners want to communicate new changes (release notes) or fixes to end users within the context of Appian screens. User Outreach allows product owners to communicate out release notes and application changes to end users. The designer controls which dashboards/reports/interfaces the outreach component is shown on, as well as which features can make use of the User Outreach application.

With User Outreach, end users can see:

  • Which release notes pertain to them throughout the platform on their landing page (designer configured)
  • Which release notes pertain to a given application on a dashboard/interface (designer configured)
  • Custom release notes for their group on a dashboard/ interface for a specific period

With User Outreach, product owners can:

  • Add release notes via the “Manage User Outreach Messages” action
  • Remove release notes on a specific future date via the “Manage User Outreach Messages” action
  • View release notes over time in the "Platform Release Notes" report • remove any outdated release notes from the “Platform Release Notes” report
  • Manage applications and messaging types available within User Outreach via the "Manage User Outreach Reference Data" action
  • Customize release notes for different combinations of dashboards and user groups via the “Manage User Outreach Reference Data” action
  • Add external links within the release notes for the user to click on
  • Add a release date for the notes to plan ahead of time when the release notes will be displayed

Follow the link for old version to be deactivated: