Outlook Email Poller


The Outlook Email Poller smart service can be used to read and copy all the unread emails of your outlook account to MySQL/oracle/MariaDB database by creating a separate table in the provided datastore. The smart service also allows you to encrypt the email body that you copy to your database making it a secure way of storing all the emails that you receive.


  1. Requires an App to be registered with read and write permissions in Azure portal, to get the client credentials for the Microsoft account to be used. Please refer to the below link. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/auth-register-app-v2
  2. Register your app with the Azure AD v2.0 endpoint - Microsoft Graph
    1. If Delegated Service Account mailboxes are going to be used, a delegated set of permissions has to be given to the service account for MailReadWrite.
    2. User Consent also has to be provided for the service account by accessing the following url and logging in with the service account.
      1. https://login.microsoftonline.com/yourtenantID/oauth2/v2.0/authorize?
        &scope= https://graph.microsoft.com/Mail.ReadWrite
  3. Maximum time limit that can be set is 59 minutes (3,540,000 milliseconds)
  4. Separate folder has to be created for storing all the attachments that come along with the emails

Key Features & Functionality

  •  Read Unread Mails From Outlook Mailbox and write mail information to Database
  •  Store Mail Content and Attachments In Appian Document Folders
  •  Support For Oracle Mysql And MariaDb Databases to write the mail content
  •  Support For Application Mailbox Read and Delegated Mailbox Read