Appian Community Newsletter – July 2022


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What’s new in Appian 22.2?

Exciting enhancements to automation, developer experience, and more.

The 22.2 Release Showcase is now available on Academy Online! Learn more about new features, including enhancements in low-code data, automation, and deployment that will improve your application designs and development speed. Be sure to complete these courses and their associated assessments to keep your Appian credentials up to date.

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Welcome to the Explore View.

Spend less time learning and more time developing.

The Explore View in the Appian Designer is a new page that gives you insight into the structure of your application. Watch our tour of this new page and learn about the three recommended objects commonly used as starting points when first building an application.

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New Appian RPA + IDP Pro Badge.

Level-up your skills in RPA + IDP.

Advance your robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent document processing (IDP) skills with our brand new certification program. Learn the fundamentals, best practices for building automation into your apps, measuring your automation success, and much more.

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Advanced Course highlight: Appian Applied UI.

Learn essential skills for designing better user interfaces.

Learn by doing with Appian Applied UI. Dive into a practice-first, instructor-led training over four consecutive half-days. Learn to use advanced interface components, practice creating dynamic and intuitive interfaces, and learn to troubleshoot broken interfaces.

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Customer Highlight: Alexianer reduces patient billing time by up to

80% with Appian Process Mining.

Optimizing emergency room and billing processes for improved patient care.

With Appian Process Mining, Alexianer was able to optimize process flows in the central emergency department, reducing wait time for patients in need of immediate care and improving quality of care for all in hospitals.

After discovering bottlenecks with Appian, Alexianer then optimized the patient billing process. Alexianer was able to reduce the average process duration from one month to less than six days.

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Connected Possibilities with Appian APJ.

Join Appian APJ on October 27 to learn firsthand how to accelerate your business.

Connect with businesses and IT leaders looking to stay ahead of the pace of change. Collaborate with your peers, industry visionaries, partners, and the Appian APJ Community to learn, develop skills, get certified, and find inspiration.

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Did you know that Appian Community Edition allows you to explore the Appian platform, build apps, and try different use cases for free?

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