a!queryEntity: An error occurred while retrieving the data

Hi All,


I am trying to retrieve data from DB by using query entity. I am able to fetch 10,000 records beyond that I am getting "a!queryEntity: An error occurred while retrieving the data".


I have more than 18000 records in my table which I need to display in a paging grid with filter options. I have check the performance of my view at DB end. It is not even taking 1 second to execute that view not sure why with query entity is not able to fetch all records. When in my paging info I am giving batchsize more that 10000 or -1, it gives me the error below this, it is working fine. Not sure if query Entity has limitation in fetching number of rows.


Please share, if I can use some other way to fetch all the records from DB and use in my interface.


Thanks in advance !!




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