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I am trying to set the font color and size of the text using html code in tempo but it's not working. I know SAIL does not recognize html code but I was wondering what language does SAIL support.

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  • We cant really change the font color or face in sail forms, but you can change the size in a rich text component with either one of “NORMAL” (default), “EMPHASIS”, “STRONG”, “UNDERLINE”, “HEADER_LARGE”, “HEADER_MEDIUM”, “HEADER_SMALL”. I have a question though, how are you introducing html code in tempo?
  • Through plugin (function). I checked it's jar file but not sure if I understood the code and that's why wanted to know what language apart from html SAIL supports..
  • Jars will have all the components defined as xmls and it wont have any htmls. im not sure if we can inject classes/xml in appian jar since its not open source.
  • A workaround is to write and format the text you want in an image and embed it in your SAIL interface.
  • @varnikam i agree with @mohamedb, because Appian Do not recommend to write HTML or CSS code any more. Coming to what language does SAIL support, as we know that Appian developed on Java Platform, coming to SAIL they might be using Spring or Servlet internally and they might be displaying the Content using PrintWriter Object, but not sure about SAIL internally used Strategy
  • Correct me if my understanding is wrong, the workaround given by mohamedb may be good in some cases, As it depends on the fields displayed on form, if we want to display every field in your own styling first we need to write in any html and change that to Image, this is will be tight coupling for displaying fields, in future if any requirement comes to change the form structure like addition of fields, changing the label etc, we again need to convert the field into image.
  • I agree with @chandrasekharg, if there is any chance that in future the label may get Change (Possibly Yes), we should never define these labels as an Image, However using an Image for label is anyhow not a good approach at all. And not to forget using SAIL feature enable us the portability to view the Same UI in Mobile, tablet etc.. devices as well. And also having one images for each label, increases the Size of Knowledge center too unneccesary. And in future if we import the same application in some other Server, then again we need to manually point those image, to get work. So as per my Suggestion do not use images for these purposes
  • Thank you all for the comments.
    The workaround provided to display text as an image is nice but can be adopted for static contents/texts only. Displaying dynamic texts in an image can impact the performance of the application substantially.
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